Something is wrong with Using Claim Codes

Hello, help me solve the problem. I can’t sell a piece because the codes I entered don’t work.

At the very beginning, I entered 1 code and sent a link to the Claim Page to the buyer. The buyer sent me a message: Unfortunately the code has already been “used".

Was just trying to submit transaction and couldn’t

After that, I entered an additional 4 codes and sent all the options to the buyer.

The client says that he tried all the options and sent a screenshot where it is indicated on the Claim page that this code has already been used.

I decided to completely remove the codes and open access, but I can’t do it because in the claim code tab, the message “At least 1 redemption code is required” writes to me.


Hello! I see you have the 1/1 minted in your wallet and listed on OS now. How was that one minted? Were you able to get through somehow? Also good news, if you’d like to still use your manifold link that is no problem, as we link out to secondary now from the original claim page.

I decided not to waste time and made an airdrop to my wallet. By sending it to the open sea. I’ll see what happens to the next piece on this contact

hey… i set up my listing using the codes and realized would need codes for each buy not just an option but it was a must have.

I’ve removed the code but like the person above that didn’t work either.
I airdropped me one as a place holder but have not told anyone about it since, well, i get a ‘that code is already used’

  1. if i have an addition of 30 can i just have codes for 5? you know anyone can buy by just saying not to the code but if a person has a code they can use it

  2. please make it so i can deselect using codes if i end up not wanting to… i really dont want to have to list this item again… its way too much trouble

  3. any other considerations are good, my edition is 150 and the codes for me were not meant as like a wait list list…

this is all messed up
i am very confused…
please help
what do you need from me

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Yes at the moment it is documented that users must bring their own claim codes, we do not auto-generate them as of now. Apologies for not making that clearer in the documentation!

As for fixing a claim: When in doubt, if the claim has no mints you can safely close the claim and delete it (no mints) then start fresh with a new one configured how you like, without claim codes involved. Though since you’ve airdropped a token to yourself it does make things more complex.

Currently we do not allow the mix and matching as you mentioned in #1 as it’s not meant to work as a presale system yet. I will talk to the team about support for the use-case of having a hybrid claim, where you use claim codes for a certain period of time then remove that limitation and allow anyone into the claim page. Currently though that use case is not supported.

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so i’m pretty much in a mess since i airdropped me one… is there anything i can do… about this can you suggest options… my mind is so confused and miss directed

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Yes! There are a few fixes, though I’m just trying to think of the most easy and low-cost.

One option would be to burn the extra mint, close the old claim, then just start fresh with a new claim page configured without claim codes. That way, you can still sell your artwork without the hassel of learning to generate those claim codes yourself!

I’d like to think of one that doesn’t involve burning and fixes your claim as is, but i’ll need more time to scheme a plan. Apologies for that.

And I understand it’s stressful but I promise we’re here to help and can always get you out of a bind!

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i’ve tried burning on a previous contract and it left a ghost nft space…

sigh and even if i just renamed the piece the url to it will still be the same title as my original one…


in theory you cannot undo the code selection at this moment on my piece

maybe i’ll just be forced to put in a new image with the titles url that’s there and make a new one, dang i really liked the titles

i’m trying not to cus here… LOL

Is your claim an erc1155 or erc721 claim?

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1155 contract

blahblahblahblah (because you ask for 20 characters LOL)

if the issue is extremely time sensitive i would suggest the burn then, as that tokenId is now taken up on your contract and any new claim you make cannot re-use that tokenId.

however if the issue is not time sensitive i suggest holding fast and seeing if we can find a solution. in the meantime close your claim (you can reopen) to avoid any further mishaps!

i will report back ASAP with the best fix i have. it’s nighttime weekend hours for me at the moment so it could might take a moment!

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ok i just closed them, i think… i’ll check to see when it updates

thank you for your time…

I’d be very happy with being able to just unclick the code button, that would work for me

thank you

OK i just checked… they closed …


i’m going to go have dinner and take in some air… I’ll look back in about 30 mins so please dont think i left you

any solution yet


sunday sept 17

do you have any suggestions for a solution yet…
thank you for looking into this

Hi @artistsense, we’re working on a solution here. Running things through tests. Should be up in a few hours. Thanks!

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Hi @artistsense, just updated the app. Give it a try. Please note that changes you make to your claim aren’t always immediate so give it 5 minutes if you don’t see the change right away.


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thank you

can you give me an idea as to what the option is now…

can i deselect now, i no longer want to use codes unless i can use only a few while the rest of the collection is open

OK i see it… i can now deselect the option. THANK YOU