Something went wrong: Gas Estimation during FVCKRENDER Print Burn

Hey guys! Much love for everything you do!
I’ll report here 2 issues (1 resolved, 1 not) I have during RESPONSABILITY// by Fvckrender Print Burn.

I did report this to fvck’s team already, but I’ll write them here as well.

  1. The autofill option for the Shipping Address is powered by Google. So when you type the address it auto fill all the fileds for you. The problem is that if your browser/OS/geolocalization is in another language, the infos are filled in your current language and not English. So the “NEXT” button can’t be clicked and remain “Grey”. I’ve fixed this manually by chainging the country fields in English. (Like “España” > “Spain”). I saw the same autofill option by Google in some other websites, but the infos are always filled in English.

  2. Can’t get the burn working, at the checkout I get the following error:
    I did try with 2 different browser and 2 different eth addresses.

Preparing transaction…
Waiting on wallet confirmation…
Something went wrong: Gas Estimation.

Thanks! <3 for everything!!

Hi there, it’s very likely that the problems are interlinked. What is the exact spelling of the value you put in for Country?

Hi takatalk! Thanks for answering :slight_smile:
I did try with both “Italy”, “Switzerland”, neither worked.

(I tried with VPN as well

Could you let me know which wallet you’re using and which FVCK_AVATAR you were trying to burn?

I did try with many Avatar, nothings changed sadly

HI Mazeness,

Just deploying a fix now. You should be able to claim in just a couple of minutes.
Let me know if you’re still having issues.


I can confirm it’s working now!
Thank you for fixing it :slight_smile: I hope my feedbacks helped!!