"Something went wrong please try again" when Deploying on Mainnet

Anyone here having a problem when deploying contract on Mainnet? Im using ERC1155. I was able to deploy on Goerli last night though. I also got enough ETH in my wallet. Kindly advise, thanks!

I have the same problem here. Does anyone knows how to work this out? Or what’s the problem? Thanks.

Hi there, we’re investigating and we’ll be fixing this shortly. Sorry for the issues.

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Alright @kader and @mail4u this issue should be fixed. Please try again and let me know if you encounter any further issues.

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Thank you very much for your help. I discovered the issue came from my part. I chose a contract symbol with 6 characters instead of 5. I guess that was the source of the problem because it worked as soon as i changed the symbol.
My mistake. Sorry
A more instructive error message could have been nice though. Cause i completely forgot about the content of the side note, although i swear i read it (i read it twice… Oh god, how dumb does that make me?…)

Actually, don’t feel bad. 5 characters actually does work and it was a problem on our end. :slight_smile: