Something went wrong when creating claim page and price in $TURBO

Trying to create a claim page for an ERC-721 with price set in $TURBO.
Already tried yesterday but it wasn’t working, now tried again and still an error.
Please advise. THANKS

The token is there, but I see an empty page now: Manifold Studio

Did you see an actual error message? Or just the blank screen now? Can you send the wallet address you used to log into Studio?

Yes, there was an error message: " Something went wrong: an error occured executing the transaction", I noticed the blanc screen when I checked again later. I took a screenshot while creating, but don’t see how to attach it here.
Wallet address is 0xAE91CB00C413A8D6089Ba0bc8bF66fbA47A912Ea
Thanks for the assistance.

Can you trying clearing your local storage? Do you see anything popup from metamask?

Ok, you should be able to post screenshots now. A screenshot of the browser console log would help us narrow this down.

Maybe this helps already too ?

To make screenshots of the browser Console Log we’ll have to start all over again. Let us know if you need us to do this. Thanks !

Can you open the browser console and show the errors?

I could not retrieve them from last time. We’ll try again as soon as the fees come down and then let you know. Thanks

I did not try again yet, but see this in the dev console for the empty page, maybe this helps already too ? Thanks