Something went wrong with my mint?

This is my very first time using the Manifold platform to promote myself as an artist.
I dropped a song as an Open Edition on the Ethereum blockchain for the duration of a week, and when I went to claim my earnings of +.3 Ethereum my wallet was completely wiped out leaving me with .0002 Ethereum. I used a completely fresh wallet, and didn’t connect to any sites other than manifold. I have proof of transaction/account history provided below to prove my statement.

I do understand how malicious this space can be but I am highly disappointed in how this unfolded. I just want to know if there’s something that I did wrong & if this issue can be resolved. It’s a terrible feeling not being able to claim my earnings that worked so hard for.

I also provided the wallet that was able to claim my funds.

Hi Mummy Music

I took a look into detail into the details of the wallet and the Open Edition sales on the wallet though.

So the Open Edition sale happened correctly, if you look each sale transferred funds directly into the wallet that. But if you look at the last transaction the funds were directly transferred out of the wallet in this transaction:

The funds were then transferred to FixedFloat which is common exchange to swap currencies to hide and prevent tracing of funds. It looks like the transaction was initiated directly from the wallet, meaning whoever initiated the transaction had access to the seed phrase of the wallet.

I’m sorry to say but it looks like the seed phrase of your wallet address was compromised and this isn’t an issue with Manifold issue and there is nothing we can do on our end.

Question were you using a hardware wallet?