Sorry, an error has occurred

Hello Manifold. The artist made a mint on our contract, we made a sheet through auctions, and the page instead of the video shows “Sorry, an error has occurred.”. And all other marketplaces show the video perfectly, is there any way to solve this? We have started auction of 15 works and this problem appeared after listing, thanks! @accomparts

Thanks for bringing this up - We’ll look into it

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Thanks Lyndo, if you need any more info post it up, waiting!

Hello Team, we really need to solve this problem. Can you check it out, please

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention - Issue should be resolved in a few minutes. Can you refresh and give it a shot?


Thank you so much! It helped on manifold, but on our site also does not show, I did several times refreshed.

Howdy y’all! I’m going to assume you are a developer and will understand what I’m saying, but if not just let me know.

On your site you need to update your script tag to use the latest manifold marketplace widget code.

Currently your marketplace widget script pulls in version 3.5.4 but you will need version 3.5.10 to receive the update we just pushed out! Simply update the script tag to have that version in the head of your webpage, and you should be good to go.

See screenshot below.

And the latest version we just published:

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