Soulbound / overwriting the transfer function?

Hey all, trying to do something fun for open editions which involves minting a soulbound NFT.

Is there a sample implementation of this on a Manifold contract? Is it just a matter of overwriting the transfer function?

gm! We actually have an example of this in the Apps tab, there’s a Soulbound app you can try out!

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Thanks Lyndon! I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction!

Hi Lyndo,
I’ve seen the Soulbound Token app in Creator Studio which was created by the Community, I tried to find more documentation on this app and its functions on Manifold Docs but didn’t see any. I also didn’t find much else here in the Forum. Could you point me to where I can read up a bit on it before I install the App?

Also, is the Soulbound Token App safe and has been thoroughly vetted by Manifold team?

Hey Lyndon / Don, can you help me understand the references in the SBT contract to a ‘v1’?

Btw for people searching in the future, the shared Manifold extension contract for Soulbound tokens is located here:

Hi Andrew,

We have done several upgrades to the Manifold Creator Contract in the pass. One of the upgrade changed the function signature of approveTransfer. Therefore, in order for this extension to work with both versions of the contract, we need to include both function signatures.

Hopefully this help, please let me know if you have further questions!

Don Dang

I’m also interested in a soulbound token mint for my existing collectors and had the same question as “justanotherdude” did here about the Soulbound Token app in the Creator Studio created by the Community. Would like to verify that it’s safe and if there is any documentation to support this feature. Thanks!