Special configurations for claiming tokens

I would appreciate help to clarify how I can configure who can claim a token.
The situation would be as follows: I have 1 token 1155 with a supply of 10. I want to be able to make it easier for holders of one edition to claim some copies of another edition for free.

  1. Could I reserve 3 copies for specific wallets and 7 copies for any wallet that claims it? A wilcard in the csv maybe?
  2. Could I make those 3 copies free and the other 7 copies cost?
  3. Could I have edition holders claim a free copy of an edition that has a cost?

Thank you very much for your support!


Ya this is commonly done by breaking it up into phases.

Phase 1: create a claim, set the token supply to 10 (or whatever), set the price to free and only allow those on whitelist to mint.
Phase 2: After whitelist mint is complete, update the price to not free and remove the whitelist. Make sure the token supply is correct as well as the max allowed to mint per wallet if you want.