Squarespace Commerce integration?

What level of integration is easily available between Manifold and Squarespace Commerce? I am having a online print shop setup for selling fine art prints. It would be nice to give the alternative for the customer to buy the same art as a fine arts print, NFT or as NFT+print. The payment for traditional prints is on Stripe. I am trying to understand what level of integration with Squarespace commerce is possible, and would my idea be feasible to implement (with reasonable effort). I get the impression that Manifold apps are simply embedded on Suquarespace pages, but do not interact with the Squarespace Commerce data, like price, stock etc.?
Does anyone have examples of this kind of sites that combine the sales of NFT and traditional prints? Any tips on how this should be handled in the smart contract?

Hey there!

No integrations at the moment for Manifold and Sqaurespace Commerce directly. Our closest product atm is going to be Manifold Merch Bridge for Shopify - however that’s only limited to Shopify and is for creating gated discounts or access to existing products in a store on Shopify.

Depending on how much (manual) legwork you are willing to put up with on the back end (and the experience you are trying to create) you could do something like:

  • Create paid claim pages for your NFT
  • Create GET PHYSICAL pages for your physicals (1 paid, 1 gated with NFT)

However, the backend fulfillment would need to be managed by you or at least facilitated by you via a 3rd parrty (we output customer shipping data and such)

If you are iterested in something like this let me know and we can talk more.

I was thinking of something like the solution you outlined. The front end for selling the prints is no problem. One could add a claim code in Squarespace commerce, that will reduce the price if ordering the prints.

I am interested in creating something similar to this. Ideally we would have a burn function in the beginning of the GET PHYSICAL flow Merch Bridge, in order to avoid NFT secondary sales for an item that has already been redeemed.

Backend fulfillment is a non issue here.

Essentially trying to use Squarespace to easily create a minting dapp>burn to redeem>shopify checkout flow so I can keep the minting experience and other web elements in one place. I would like to be able to replicate this for multiple products, and eventually present them in their own on-site web3 native marketplace.