Stuck on arweave Upload

Hi, I’m currently updating metadata for a collection of 4444 NFTs and I’ve been stuck on uploading to arweave for an hour before I got this message. Please let me know how to proceed.

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If you start the upload again what happens next? It should pick up where it left off. Because of the amount of images it will take some time for it to upload to Arweave.

I tried and it just went back to the same screen in the first screenshot. It has been over 2 hours now so I’m just waiting. Would love to know if there’s a loading bar or an ETA as I have holders waiting for their reveal.

Mine has been stuck for 3 hours, I restarted and it didn’t pick up where it left off. I started it again then after 30 minutes manifold prompted me to reupload my CSV. Ive found no solution to this.