Stuck on “verifying contract”!

I can’t verify my contract already about an hour…. But there is written “5-10 minutes”. What the problem? Is there any bugs in the system right now or am I doing something wrong? I can’t wait for so long :weary:

What I need to do??

Gas is already paid. Transaction hash:


I need to solve this ASAP!!!

Thanks for bringing this up - We’re investigating now.

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Hi Elena!

Sorry for the issue you were having, your contract should be verified now.


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Yes, now I see it! Thank you !!

We would love to look into why this happened so we can prevent this from happening in the future.
Do you mind letting me know if there were errors pop up, or weird things that happened while you were deploying the contract?

Sure. But everything was good before that, only in this step it stuck and didn’t go through. Only was this window with information which I included in my main post

Do you mind me asking which device were you using? And if you used wallet connect to log in with studio?

I was using the IPhone 11 and iPad mini. Connecting with MetaMask

Was there a modal that pop up that ask you to input a transaction by chance?

No, just all the time was this “loading” about 5 min on Verifying contract and after this window comes “try later” which is on my screenshot

While it was verifiying, did you refresh the page, or close the browser and came back to it?

No, just waiting and didn’t touch the device

You mentioned you were using iphone 11 and iPad Mini. Were you having studio open on both devices and using them at the same time. Or used one then switch to another?

Firstly I was trying in IPhone, it didn’t work, then on iPad, same story was

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Sorry just want to double confirm. You did not have to grab the transaction hash and input that anywhere during the whole process of deploying this contract on studio?

I grabbed this hash and put on the yellow button near the manifold logo in the top left corner only when trying over and over to complete the all process

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