Stuck on Verifying Contract

I am trying to run a test of the Claim Page functionality, I deployed a contract to Optimism mainnet and I have been stuck on Verifying Contract for about 1-1.5 hours. I assume something got glitched out / stuck?

I did not see a transaction request pop up, but I when clicking around studio I see this message:

You have an ongoing transaction

There is an ongoing transaction, you will not be able to do other transactions until the current one is finished.

I searched the forums for this issue, but it looks like there is no self service resolution and I may require assistance.

Please and thanks!

I’m also having the same problem. I deployed my contract to optimism about 2 hours ago, and it keeps timing out when it tries to verify the contract. When I try to deploy a token, It says the contract hasn’t been deployed yet, which is a little different than what you’re seeing. I hope this can get resolved soon.

Thanks for reaching out - Can you provide a bit more information here? Which contract are you looking to deploy? I see you’ve created a few drafts in your account

Hey lyndo,

thanks for the reply, by the time I logged in this morning things were already unstuck. I assume it either took a long time or you figured out the contract.

In either case thanks very much for the assist!