Stuck transaction tried all solutions

Tx stuck won’t let me clear it I tried resending Tx to myself in mm, speeding up, cancelling, clearing cache…. Starting to feel sad dumb and angry. It’s been 6 hr and instead of getting cleared I’m getting more Tx stuck behind it :face_vomiting::woman_facepalming: can someone help?

If you are using MetaMask, I suggest resetting your transactions

  • Click the account circle
  • Settings
  • Advanced
  • Reset account

This will reset the transaction log in your MetaMask wallet and clear any stuck or pending transactions.

I had same problem few days back, 4 transactions stuck for +24 hours
Only solution to this is sending transaction to self with same nonce number with higher gas setting. I was doing it wrong everytime until I carefully setup high gas. You can see gas n nonce number for that transaction on etherscan.

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yeah 100s, same nonce and higher gas than before.