Stuck verifying contract on mainnet!

Hi! We have dropped a collection using Manifold contracts but our contract is not verified by Manifold so we can not update our metadata nor upload it to Arweave. It has tokens by Grant Riven Yun, Drift, Batzdu etc… Currently metadata is hosted by our dev on his server. Can we please verify the contract so we can start using your studio! Thank you so much!

Contract belongs to ClickCreate
Contract address: 0xc67820db3fdab73a05c972baa42777f310b01026

Bumping to see if we can find a solution

Did you deploy this contract with Manifold Studio?

Yes but since it was stuck on verification our dev had to do something about it (it was time sensitive) so eventho manifold ui didn’t show it as verified we proceeded to using it with his input. Normally it should show the tokens on Manifold and we should be able to use it.

Bumping to see if we can find a solution

Hi, we deployed a manifold contract built on top of the OS ERC1155Creator contract and verified it ourselves.
We inserted the contract into manifolds infrastructure by replicating requests sent during normal contract setup, but it became stuck on the verification step on mainnet even though it was tested successfully on testnets. The contract has been verified by us, we would appreciate it if the verification step could be manually skipped in your prod DB.

This is the manifold ID: 254994672
Contract address: 0xc67820db3fdab73a05c972baa42777f310b01026

We appreciate that this may not be a completely standard use of manifold infrastructure or systems, but as manifold are innovators in the NFT ecosystem we hope that you will be able to appreciate what we are building here and lend us a hand :slight_smile:

In future, it would definitely be of help to us and other people interested in building on top of Manifold to allow custom contracts to be imported via the manifold interface, as some things cannot be achieved with extensions unfortunately!


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Bumping to see if we can find a solution