Subdomain doesn't get set

My custom domain has been issued according to Manifold dashboard and the option comes in the listing page – that’s all good. However when I try to set the subdomain I can save it but trying to go to that URL doesn’t bring up the Manifold gallery page for my auction, just a 404?

Hey there, could you provide more information? Something helpful could be -

  1. Your wallet address
  2. What token you listed
  3. What URL you are trying to point it to

wallet: 0xe4F091560461b441ae8dc1c2dE961E002fAcD59c

trying to point

It turns out, it created correctly, but did not return / show you correctly.

If you go into the app now and select your listing it’ll tell you the CNAME to set on your side for it to work!

@BrendanDawes checking in to see if this is working for you now?!

Working great now thanks. Sorry thought I had replied!