Suggestion - Claim Page to Relist Editions - Hear Me Out

Does the claim page currently work like this; If I asked for editions to be sent back to me, could i make a new claim page to have them claimed again?

I’ve worked on tezos primarily up to this point. It’s cheap and easy for me to make X/X token and give it out for free here - - this site forces one per wallet. (you could sign in with a different wallet though)

Currently I have set up a thing that I will be doing annually.

100/100 editions given out freely on hicetdono; holders return them when I ask for them back and then they mint a free limited 1/1 art piece from fxhash. Then I give them out again for free on hicetdono to repeat it the following year.

So does this functionality currently exist with the claim page. Could I mint a limited edition of 100. Have all 100 claimed, and then later ask for them back, and theoretically, get them all back and do it again?

Hope this makes sense! XD

Hey culla! So if I understand correctly it goes like this for you on Tezos:

  1. Use to make a free-to-claim edition’d artwork
  2. After they’re all claimed, you prompt the collectors to send some editions back to you.
  3. You then take those editions sent back to you, and make them free to claim once again

Is this correct as a summary?

I know that in between all of that, you take the people who send the editions back and reward them with a free mints on fxhash.

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Yes sir! That is correct.

The idea I hope, is that all the editions will get returned to me so that I can offer a small collection of 1/1s and repeat the process over and over again annually.

The purpose of getting back the tokens is to make an WL based on the collectors that are actually active. And it gets them to interact with me. Versus me just blindly allowing all holders of this token to mint.

My experience is that some collectors just tap out. Some come to hate me for whatever reason. :sweat_smile: And who knows what other factors.

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Oh. And it’s good to reward people who stick around and pay attention. Versus maybe someone who wants to make a quick flip.

Flippers serve their purpose, but they don’t always being value back to the initial creator.

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Okay awesome! I totally understand this. Been following you on Tezos for a while so I’m not shocked you’re doing something progressive and super cool like that!

At this exact second we dont have anything out-of-the-box that would work for the reselling the pre-existing editions sent back to your wallet, though we’ve prototyped some things that could do this in the past so we’re not too far off.

I’ll keep this thread open and let you know of any advances on that end if/when they happen.

In the meantime, you could sell them on a secondary platform for a super low price to both avoid bots and still essentially keep them feeling “free” (say $1-$2 on OpenSea or LooksRare or Rarible).

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That’s awesome! Thnank you!
Sorry for the late reply!