Support for Importing Contracts on Sepolia

I’m testing deploying a custom contract manually using the ERC721Creator / creator core contracts, and would like the ability to import those contracts into Manifold Studio’s test environment for testing a claim on Sepolia.

I believe that the import functionality doesn’t currently work for Sepolia, but enabling this would be a big help for testing contracts before deployment to Base, Optimism, or Mainnet Ethereum.

You can deploy custom contracts on Sepolia in your testnet workspace:

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 12.26.46 PM

Tap on your user menu in the top right of the screen to access this menu.

Thanks! I found where Sepolia imports could be performed, but I had a misunderstanding that contracts without minted NFTs could not be imported.

One small suggestion – it currently just returns a 500 error without any explanation. A small notification to the user that the contract needs to have NFTs minted from it would help to explain this issue in the future.