Support for more ERC20 tokens

Is there any criteria for which ERC20 tokens are added to list of tokens via which people can mint? Or how can people get different erc20 tokens added to the list?

What ERC20 tokens would you like to see supported?

$banana by cyberkongz. address is 0x94e496474F1725f1c1824cB5BDb92d7691A4F03a

It would be great to permit any ERC-20 token to be the payment token for a Claim Page.

The new meme token meta could be a way for communities to bootstrap attention via token distribution that then is used to claim edition NFTs.

This question has been asked twice in 2 days and both times it was answered with the same question. “What ERC20 tokens would you like to see supported?”

Can we use erc20 to mint on the Claim Page or not? Which tokens we want is irrelevant if we can’t use erc20 at all.

If we CAN use erc20, then the ones we have available on Gallery will suffice for now.

the ones in gallery are nice and some are being used. many nft projects have tokens which I am sure people would happily use to mint some art as majority of those tokens are illiquid or super cheap.

Hi I’m community rep for Echelon / Parallel TCG.

We’d like to issue / mint a special series of 1155s for use within the game and would like to sell them for $PRIME, our network erc-20. Does manifold currently allow other ERC20s to be accepted?

PRIME Contract: 0xb23d80f5fefcddaa212212f028021b41ded428cf
Coingecko: Echelon Prime Price: PRIME Live Price Chart & News | CoinGecko

Would be great if we get some clarity on criteria for how different erc20s are added. today another token was added but I have seen people asking in forum for other tokens since months but they never get added.

We recently announced ERC-20 support to claim pages with our latest contract upgrade, and we’re now adding some specific tokens to better understand the implications of supporting this feature.

You might be wondering why tokens like $PEPE and $TURBO are now available for Claim Page creators. Well, given the known presence among Manifold creators in these coin ecosystems, we believe it was worth adding experimental support for these tokens in the spirit of providing more options for creators to engage with their communities.