SVG not displaying on claim page

I put an SVG on chain using a data uri on the lazyclaim contract.

Opensea is displaying the artwork just fine.

Manifold claim pages is not for some reason.

Scratching my head wondering why it won’t display! Any idea what the issue could be?
Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Claim page has just been updated to support rendering of on-chain assets. However, since the color of the background of the claim page is black, I don’t believe it’s showing the grid like you expect.

It seems like your SVG relies on the background being white.

Very cool though!

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Thank you very much! It is displaying now, but yes, some of the artwork is transparent. Really appreciate the quick turnaround on the fix. Thank you all very much!

New issue now :frowning:

When I updated the rules to extend the time of the claim it also updated the token data, so I know I have to reupload the image data on the backend again even though the token field on the front end was blank…

Yes, unfortunately you’ll have to update the token uri manually again via updateTokenURIParams (I assume that’s how you got it working like this in the first place). updateClaim overwrites all the initialization params, including the uri. We didn’t anticipate this use case, but it’s very cool. Will put this in the backlog though, to try and do more intelligent overwriting.

If you fix this up, please let us know. Would love to tweet this as a case study. The transparent background is interesting as well.

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It will be fixed in a few minutes! I actually got rid of the transparent background so it’s easier to see on the manifold UI, but would definitely appreciate the tweet! Took a lot of searching to get this all figured out XD Appreciate the quick response!

All fixed!

Here’s a link to my latest twitter post if you’d like to tag me:

& here’s the manifold link again in case it’s needed: OVERLOAD

Appreciate the quick responses / fixes on everything! :heart:

Looking forward to your post!