SVG source for Claim Page token

Attempting to create a claim page with SVG source for image. The image appears without issue on the token creation page, but when reaching the point of the publish preview page, the image area is a blank white square. Opening the claim page preview in a new window results in the same white box. Is it possible any additional preparation of the file is necessary?

The SVG file is 1.58MB, generated with a 10k x 10k px png, so reasonably sized file but about 20k lines of code.


gm! Can you send a link of the claim page this is happening for? Have you set a thumbnail for the claim?

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Thanks for asking! I haven’t published it yet due to the issue in preview. I have not set a thumbnail, I wasn’t aware this is possible, don’t see that during the claim page config. Let me know if you want the preview url, it’s huge…

Okay published to see if we can get anywhere, same result after publishing, just a blank white jpeg. Will mint after deadline to see if images show up properly on marketplaces.

Image still looks good on token page in claim configuration.

Minted successfully, no image in OS either so it’s gotta be the source for some reason.

After speaking with some other folks, it seems highly likely that this is related to the method to create and size of the resulting SVG. Gonna look into other options.