Switching primany wallets - change wallet dislayed on claim page


Recently created an account with a hot wallet, and then afterwards connected the cold wallet to mint my contract. My hot wallet is now displayed as my primary account and im curious if there is a way to change what wallet is your primary wallet?

Furthermore - im hoping changing that would make it so my cold wallet gets displayed in the ID section of the claim page instead of my hot wallet.

Thanks for any advice.

The wallet that you use to display the contract/claim to mainnet will be the wallet that displays on the Claim page. This is different from the login wallet.

Alternatively you can just login with the cold wallet to Studio as the contracts deployed by that wallet will appear there.

As far as changing the identity widget, this isn’t possible right now. Great feedback for us in the future.

Even after reading that section in the FAQ i still thought my account was tied to the innitial log in, even with the contact being linked to the cold wallet.

Should have just connected the cold on a new account and tried myself. Thanks for the quick response. Seems to have been fixed now!

A note to add - the previously released claim page does not appear in the “tokens” section of the cold wallet (contract owner) as it does the hot wallet (used to deploy)

Assuming because that was the account used to launch those “tokens” - but would be nice to have them appear when connecting with the cold wallet as the contract seamlessly does. - for future edits perhaps…