Team can you suggest a better way for me to solve my mistake - Burn-Redeem [Burn 1155 to get 721]?

Great news about the new burn redeem feature for 721s! Thank you guys!

So a dumb assumption I made around a month ago was that it would be possible to burn an 1155 edition to get a 721 1/1.

Based on the new announcement today, I am not thinking that this will not be possible?

Do you guys have recommendations for this creator that sold 58 editions of an OE and the intended functionality was for that 1155 to be burned for a 721?

How would I go about airdropping maybe some sort of edition 721 to the holders of that 1155 OE?

EDIT: What’s this?

It looks like I can’t use an existing token to redeem for? I have to mint a new 721 token to be redeemed?

Thanks for your work, time and effort.

When you do a burn redeem you don’t mint a token first. Use the burn/redeem app. You should be able to burn 1155 for 721

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My bad. I realized that a few days ago. Thanks!