Tested Manifold Auction. Bid on it myself. Auction ended and Manifold retains ownership of my NFT

Edit* Solved thanks to @lyndo. I settled the auction hours later at a cheaper gas price and it has returned to my possession. I did receive an email notification still about selling the NFT. I’m looking for any indicators of an exchange of money besides gas fees, and any division for the refferral - but the fact that it’s from and to the same wallet, I may not see this.

I am not a coder. Seeking help to confirm Manifold is the incorrect owner of my NFT after conducting a test.

I attempted to run a test auction to see all the costs and how things work including the referral link. I only had myself and 1 wallet to conduct the test so I made the contract, minted the NFT, launched the auction, and bid on the auction all from the same wallet. 0xde4cb44f142d1b0775a43bade0cf6e3be249dec8 which is linked to my custom awesomephotography.eth domain

This is the custom URL auction page with the referral link pointing back to my wallet.

In my transaction history I believe I see the transfer to the custodial wallet. Nothing seems to occur after that. According to this opensea link it says Manifold is the owner of the NFT.

I suspect the auction glitched trying to transfer an NFT and the proceeds to the same wallet it was sourced from. I even knew this could be a possible outcome but I was hoping the interface or coding would prevent this or find a work around. My determination so far is that I have lost my NFT and will have to conduct a test with another wallet to confirm the manifold auction tool is reliable.

Any feedback or developer contributions to this transaction would be great. I may not be seeing something you can.

gm! When an auction is completed, the auction needs to be finalized. This can be done by the winning bid or as the creator from the gallery listing page. If you click on the 3 dots you should see a button allowing you to settle your auction.

Thank you this was not apparent to me. It may have been red the first time I logged back into the studio but I missed it. It was not red when I checked just now. I will attempt to settle and see the gas cost and maybe wait until tonight to see if it’s much cheaper.

Hey, can you try refreshing the page within the Gallery app. It should switch to sold now.

I’m also seeing the token as sold, so you just need to settle the auction and it will transfer the NFT to the buyer.

You can also settle directly through the listing page Manifold Gallery Test if you want. (This can be done by either the buyer or seller)

Yes thank you. I resolved the settle and updated the text in my post just a few minutes ago to reflect this. Still oberving if the contract attempted to transfer funds or defaulted to leaving it be the way it is. So far nothing is showing up besides a finalize transaction in metamask and etherscan. If I want to see the referral link and commissions paid I’ll have to run a test again with a second wallet.

A reminder to check your internal transactions: https://etherscan.io/address/0xde4cb44f142d1b0775a43bade0cf6e3be249dec8#internaltx

The referral fee was paid out, you can check the transaction easily by clicking here in Opensea (Transfer from Manifold Gallery to the Buyer).

6.9% of the final price of 0.000111 Eth = 0.00000759 which is the the first transfer


Thanks for sharing!!

Question about lingo. You began with " gm! ". Is that simply good morning? I started noticing a twitter person retweeting with gm on every tweet. I’m starting to think it may have another meaning?

Thank you David it has been a great learning experience for me to have all of you sharing these things. My laymen experience doesn’t have a clue where to find the data.

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