The last transaction was lost

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I executed 200 Trump robotic NFTs to the wallet address 0xB61672eA06eba951C046321f86949905aBa23937. The last stage of the result is that my wallet is broken and I lost this hash.

gm PinoQ,

iโ€™m not quite following what you are having issues. I see the transaction you referenced where you created the series of 200 NFTs. can you describe your issue and what you are expecting?

Yes, I was trying in the test. I forgot to put my wallet in the test network. It was in the main network. Thatโ€™s why I suddenly lost my main Ethereum.

The last transaction is not executed
0xB61672eA06eba951C046321f86949905aBa23937 = wallet
0xC88B422b292FFE9921f69b7b6669599f371871Ba = Contract