The token was not minted, but the gas was paid

The other day I minted (as far as I had enough money to do it) a new collection of NFT arts, but with regret I discovered that one of my works, for unknown reasons, was not minted, although I paid GAZ for minting.
I do not have technical skills and this is my first time getting acquainted with a smart contract, so I am attaching screenshots of the question.
Thank you in advance

and it seems to me that my screen was never attached. How to attach a Screen?

Gm! Can you provide the wallet you used to mint that token?

If you head over to Opensea for that wallet, do you see the token there? If you do see it, its likely it was minted to mainnet and there was a syncing issue: Syncing Issues - Manifold Docs

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Here is the address of the wallet from which the fee was withdrawn
I am registered only on makersplace, foundation and rarible
I don’t have an account on opensea and I don’t want to create an account there!

Please try the following steps for syncing issues. This should get the token to appear back in Studio: Syncing Issues - Manifold Docs

Good afternoon dear Lyndo !
Unfortunately, your advice turned out to be useless, because firstly I don’t have an Opensea account
and secondly, this token does not have an ID (this can be seen from the screenshot that I sent you)
thirdly, this token is not available in etherscan (
I hope to get more constructive help from you in solving this problem!
Best regards, Arthur

Hi! To investigate a little further - We’ll need the exact transaction when the fee was withdrawn and we can see what happened. Do you have a link to that specific transaction?

If Manifold had an integrated date and time function, then I would be able to answer your request, but since I minted many tokens that day, I cannot find exactly which transaction belongs to this particular token!