Thumbnail won't show up

After minting the tokens, 2 out of 5 tokens won’t show up the uploaded thumbnail. I already refreshed the metadata but nothing changed. The gallery opts instead for a fast gif of the video uploaded, not for the provided thumbnail. This issue happens only on Manifold. Opensea diggests the thumbnails smoothly with no problems. Any idea on why this happens?

Hey! :slight_smile:

They thumbnails on the tokens tab won’t use the thumbnail. But that shouldn’t affect how it looks on other marketplaces. Are you seeing the issue somewhere else?

Thanks for your reply, Aguspunk! :slight_smile:

Thumbnails working on other marketplaces, like Rarible or Opensea. Foundation displays the videos directly, with no prev thumbnails, but I assume that’s their procedure? The strange thing is here on Manifold token view, where 2 of the tokens won’t display the thumbnail, whereas the other 3 videos I minted, yes, they show the thumbnail. Not a big deal I guess, just to make it sure it’s not a bug in the token or something…Thanks again for your time :slight_smile: