Token Gate a Page


Just wondering if it’s possible to token gate an entire page with manifold?

Hey! :slight_smile:

Could you expand a bit more about what you mean by token gating an entire page with Manifold?

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So for example, we only want holders to be able to access our shopify store.

We’d like for users to first connect the wallet to verify before being able to view any of the products.

Neat! :slight_smile:

Have you looked into Manifold’s Shopify Merch Bridge? Overview - Manifold Docs

Yes, but can’t see any info or examples of how to token gate a page - Just covers token gating products only?

I hope I’m missing something :slight_smile:

It would be amazing if there was an app that could token gate content like books or videos

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Or NFTs to the wallet holder. As I understand it, this will be possible with LIT protocol by end of year.

Aha, got it, then nothing out of the box unfortunately! :frowning:

Hey @Jin – I can help!

The @Cryptoon_Goonz which I am a team member of offers services for token gating Shopify stores, including white glove level services.


Reach out via Twitter at @iamrobotbear if you’d like to chat!

Or NFTs. Why do we need Shopify?

Hey @bodegacat, @Jin, what’s your use-case for tokengating a page? Does something like Gandalf work for you?