Token Gated Marketplace?

Hey there, does anyone know if there is a way to make our Marketplaces token gated? Specifically a “non-Manifold” contract. (Unfortunately I made my membership passes before Manifold was around)

gm! This isn’t supported atm - But can you describe what you mean a little more? Are you expecting the pieces to be hidden to non-holders or expecting the pieces only to be purchased by holders?

Exactly. I have a membership club that produces NFTs as pre-orders for limited edition physical products. So ideally, I would love to be able to create a set number of NFTs to sell on my marketplace that only holders of a specified NFT (the membership pass) can buy.

The reason for this is kind of a workaround. When we create OE claim pages that pull from an allowlist; the nfts created are “linked” essentially and can not have their individual metadatas manipulated. For instance, I would like the ability to update a trait when a member uses their NFT to redeem a physical reward and mark it as “used”. Very common request.

If I create these NFTs as a batch and sell them on secondary, I can manipulate the individual metadata points as they are redeemed. Only thing is that anyone can buy them the first time. I need that token gated experience for our members to buy them first.