Token gating over 6000 products using Manifold Merch Bridge on Shopify

Hi everyone. I’m in the process of attempting to token gate my website using Manifold Merch Bridge.

The online store contains over 6000 products and I need to token gate them all (for a discount - products are non-exclusive) but the setup process only allows me to set up one product at a time - and this product must have it’s own product gate. It would take over 200 hours to set up each product like this. Unfeasible. Is there some clever way to set up my entire store with a token gate without having to manually add each gate and each product literally 6000 times? If no, it’s very sad because I use and love manifold products generally and I won’t be able to use Merch Bridge for my store.

If someone has a way around this I’ll be very grateful.

Thanks in advance!

gm! Thanks for reaching out - Unfortunately what you’re describing isn’t supported at this time for that many products. It’s great feedback for us it’s just not possible currently with merch bridge.

Could you share your store? What are you selling?

gm Lyndo! Thanks for the quick reply. Super bummed that we won’t be able to use Merch Bridge but the reality doesn’t tarnish our support for Manifold. What you’ve built for the web3 space is really incredible. Our use case for the token gating tech is a bit beyond what we’ve seen in the market, so I understand the limitations. Thanks again for the rapid response, we’ll seek other options.

Hey hey ediep! Our new URL is (it’s currently password protected as it’s in dev mode), but I’m happy to share the pw with you over email so you can get a behind the scenes look. Our store will be selling fine art prints of abstract oil paintings by artist Anna Judd. In June of 2022, we launched the Scales NFT project on eth - a fractionalized, gamified collection of 10,000 hand painted works of art given away for free in the spirit of radical generosity. We’re now adding a physical dimension to the project, offering these iconic modular works for IRL display and design.

Please shoot me a quick email at and I’ll send over the password! Look forward to hearing from you.