Token ID too long?

When trying to set up a burn to redeem page I’m running into an issue where I’m not able to input the token ID because it is too long. Token ID is 67173696102597357226100241082228813250725016302730390294745286678157754386699
when copy pasting into token range input fields it truncates the ID to 6.717369610259736e+76 when entering as an individual token the add token button remains greyed out and will not allow me to add the token. Has anyone ran into this issue? Does anyone have any advice on how I can set up my burn to redeem page with this long token id?

Screenshots for reference

Will take a look and fix this.

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Thank you for looking into this! Any ETA on when this issue might be resolved?

Any chance you can copy and paste the contract address here? Want to make sure I’ve ensured this exact token is functioning. 0xCBA0f0dF0f2Ada9CF9eD14001CAFB53b1368d8F0?

Contract Address for token being burned: 0xCBA0f0dF0f2Ada9CF9eD14001CAFB53b1368d8F0

Token ID: 67173696102597357226100241082228813250725016302730390294745286678157754386699

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Perfect thank you. Will report back shortly.

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Fix deployed for the manual entry! The range entry fix will come in 30-60mins, that one is a little bit more complex.

You are amazing! Thank you for the quick response and immediate action!

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Both manual input and range input have now been fixed! Any potential token ID should be fair game now. Thank you so much for the clear report, quick responses, and the patience :pray: :heart_on_fire:

Ran into an issue when attempting the burn to redeem.
Currently Receiving a “Error: Overflow” Error when attempting to burn.

Dev tools console Screenshot

Ah this is on the front end for the collector side site correct? I bet it’s a similar issue since that’s a different codebase and application. Can you send me the link to your BR? Thank you!

Cheers, will report back. I’m on it!

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Thank You!!

Also, for some insight into what I am attempting. I’m trying facilitate a burn to redeem of a NFT minted originally on Loopring L2 for a new NFT on ETH L1. Any possibilities of your team adding this functionality into the burn to redeem tooling? Essentially reading in the Loopring L2 NFT, calling the MintFromL2 function, Burning the token, and redeeming the new token on L1 in essentially one step for the user? If this is something your team would be interested in exploring I can provide more details if you would like.

Should be fixed now! Just deployed the update. Let me know how it goes for you.

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Still receiving “Error: Overflow” and same errors in Devtoos console

Interesting. Will report back. Sorry about that.

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Try again! Had some unintentional cache’ing getting in the way of that initial test, apologies. Should be a-ok now.

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