Token IDs in Batch Mint

When uploading a batch mint, are tokens assigned an ID based on the order in which they are uploaded to the draft, alphabetically or randomly? I uploaded a batch of 24 works to Goerli’s tesnet, and all the pieces got mixed up. I need to ensure that on the mainnet, they will be in the order I intended.

When you say the pieces got mixed up - The tokenID’s were out of order? Or did they display out of order on Opense? They will mint in the order that they appear when uploaded

Tokens have not been assigned IDs at all.
And yes, they display out of order:

I see here that token 8 has the tokenid 8 -

Do you have a link to a token that does not display a tokenID?

From what I can see in manifold studio, I don’t have any token id at all.

It hasn’t been minted to the Mainnet yet - When you check on Opensea you’ll see the tokenID on each page.