Token minted, but showing up as a draft in the Studio

Hey guys, I’m currently having a problem with one of my tokens. Token ID #37 on contract 0x0dbFB2640F0692DD96D6d66657a1Eac816121F03 is properly minted (here’s the minting tx:

However it always shows up as a draft in studio. This is a minor problem for now that I can just ignore, however I thought it would be worth looking into in case of possible problems when selling the token etc.


hello, thank you for bringing this up to us. we have identified the issue regarding dropped and replaced transactions and are currently deploying a fix.

you should have a modal asking you to input the successful mint transaction once studio is updated.

another way to inform us of a minted token is by adding the token that was minted to mainnet manually by going to your contract’s Settings tab > Add missing token.