Token not showing in Studio

We created a new contract yesterday: 0x2DbFc470E17d0A246FC049145FA3566e67C11934
We created an ERC721 with claim page and 3 editions.
This one is NOT showing under tokens in Studio.
I tried adding them with the opensea link as said under settings, but it’s saying I don’t have the permission to do so.
(We now also did a batch upload with 7 more and that is showing though.)

Thanks for the help.

Hmmm - Can you confirm the wallet address you used to deploy the claim page? What is the name of the contract?

Thanks !
Wallet to deploy was 0xAE91CB00C413A8D6089Ba0bc8bF66fbA47A912Ea ( livethelife.eth )
Contract name: GrainVoyage

Got it - Looks like this is the claim page: Grain Voyage

Looks like it was deployed with this wallet:

If you sign in with this wallet you should see the claim tokens as well as the batch minted tokens.

Indeed, I see.
Is there any way we can also see that token if we login with our other wallet ?0xAE91CB00C413A8D6089Ba0bc8bF66fbA47A912Ea ( livethelife.eth )
Thanks !