Token range bug about multiple Burn-redeem


I found a bug in specifying the token range of Burn Token.(ERC721)
There is no problem when the Starting Token id is 1-9.
For example, all 32 works of Burning Souls were issued by burning one type of artwork (token id 1-7664), and there was no problem.

However, I found that when the Starting Token id exceeds 10, the Ending Token id is fixed to the same number and cannot edit it propperly.
To be precise, I can only add numbers in increments of 10 digits, such as 103, 1063, 10994, 10856… Clearing below 10 is impossible.
(If the Starting Token id is 7665, the Ending Token id can only be set to 7665n, 7665nn, 7665nnn… Strange!)

On September 4th, I will be conducting a large-scale burn&redeem.
Participants must burn all 33 different types of artworks to redeem one work (7th Edition). ;
Burn (1~7664) x 20
Burn (32 tokens) x 1 each. below is 32 artworks’ token range.

Burning Souls is a project that pushes the concept of ‘Burn’ to the limit. This project could not have been imagined without the help of Manifold Contract & Service. Progress is stopped due to a Token range designation error.

my wallet : 0x4aDf0dbc8bB29A61BE114C22879202A76790C9d9
contract : 0x3E5A260C4184eCEcB55b47B7962D572B1b094fBB

Thanks for always helping me!:pray: