Token Redemption Status over API

I am working on integrating Manifold Merch Bridge with Custom NFTs. I want to change the state of these NFTs after they have been used/redeemed in a campaign.

Ideally, I would love a webhook event or on-chain event to represent a redemption. Do either exist?

I saw that there is a way to use this Token Checker Widget to check if an item has been redeemed. Is this the only way to check? Do you have plans to expose the API that powers this widget? I could possibly poll against it for updated status.

The best way to do this is to get a webhook when a shopify order is placed and read the token data associated with the items within the order.

Agree, that sounds great. Where can I access this webhook?

Also - can you provide an example of how the token data associated with the items would look in this webhook?

It would be a webhook through Shopify, rather than us:

You should see the details in the line item properties. Unfortunately I don’t have an example.