Token Video/Image not showing up on certain platforms


I’ve recently minted a contract and token however the token video/image won’t show up on iOS and MacOS in both Safari and Firefox. As well it won’t work on Firefox on Windows or Android.

The video I uploaded for my nft/token is under 13mb so shouldn’t be a size issue as it’s well below the recommended size.

Here is the token link: Cosmic Circuitry: A Teotihuacan Odyssey

I’d love to have some diagnosis for this if possible as it’s reducing the amount of people able to view the item properly.

Feel free to inquire about anything to help solve this visibility issue.


gm - Thanks for reaching out. What is the file format/size of the piece?

Hey lyndo,

the Video info is:
12.82 MB, 802x2160, 0:11, H.264, AAC, 15fps (saved as .mp4)

Redline in the community here was helping me with the IOS as I don’t have that platform and let me know the areas it didn’t show up there.

Thanks so much for your help.

Got it - Looking at the metadata, it looks like it’s a 3gp file. I’m wondering if that is what’s causing the issue. A link to yhte token metadata:

Hmm, I’m not familiar with that file type, but just looked it up. Maybe that’s how the app I used to animate the image saves a video file?

Do you suggest I upload a new .mp4 file from a different video source to test?
I’m open to suggestions through this learning curve.


Hey lyndo,

What do you suggest? Should I just try a new video upload that I edit in a different program or just upload an still image instead? I’d really like to get this ironed out today so I can start the promotion.


Yup that sounds about right - Have you tried uploading an mp4?

The video I originally uploaded is a mp4 so I’m confused as to why it’s showing up with 3gp attribute.

Right - We’re investigating on our end as well

Thanks for the quick followup. I actually just updated on-chain with a .png instead and updated the link attached to my website with the full video profiles.

I’ve checked on Firefox android and it appears now.
Are you able to check on IOS for me to see if it appears now in Safari and Firefox there as well?

Appreciate your time and help,