Tokens can't be seen

gm everyone

I’m sio.eth, a Web3 designer who started onboarding people with Manifold. So I onboarded last Friday my good friend and photographer flavioleone.eth—as you can clearly see, I have sent him funds to start deploying the contract.

Anyhow, the following has happened:

  1. He has created a wallet on his phone but hasn’t funded it. Therefore, we decided:
  2. To create a new wallet (flavioleone.eth), which I sent him some ETH
  3. We created the contract together and issued the tokens.
  4. He logged out of the studio DApp, and I logged in again. Shocker! The contract was there, but we couldn’t see the tokens!

So, I started to research and try to fix it. At the end, we found out that the deployer of the contract is clearly flavioleone.eth, and there is also no admin added. When I go to etherscan and look up the owner, it’s flavioleone.eth again. Therefore, I requested some help from the developer at Aragon. We discovered the following:

  1. The contract was clearly deployed by flavioleone.eth
  2. As well, the token was created by flavioleone.eth
  3. BUT, when we looked into the network and therefore the dump of the database, the deployer is the old address, e.g. 0x7d886e19d11faf87ac198fd423a6b42289f79722 (see screenshot below)

My assumption is now that he was logged into the studios with the old address, and during the deployment, the old address was still listed as the deployer registered in the database. As you can see, the old address is also displayed on the claim page.

Therefore, my question is:

How on earth am I able to edit the “deployer” to the real deployer aka. flavioleone.eth so we are able to see the current token, deploy further tokens, and display the correct one on the claim page?

Thanks for any help