Tokens missing from Manifold interface following double-submission mint


With the airdrop functions of Manifold, I commenced the mint of the token ID #2 in my ERC-1155 collection, but I received two contract calls from Metamask. I approved both and as a result, the token minted twice. One with token ID 2, and one identical but with token ID 3.

I have no clue why two calls were made from Manifold. I consider this a bug, but it’s salvageable.

This is an interface bug at a Manifold end. Could this be fixed for me so that I can edit and see the missing token?

If this helps:

Contract address:

TXN hashes for items with token ID 2 and 3:

EDIT: Touched up some of the wording for clarification.
TL;DR - was presented with two contract calls instead of one. Accidentally signed both. Token #000, as per screenshot, was issued twice - but with unique nonces (2 and 3), however the Manifold studio interface only displays one of them, although both are visible on opensea.

Manifold should be showing 3 tokens, but instead shows 2.