Transaction completion is not detected correctly

i already observed several times that the app gets stuck after confirming an Optimism transaction even though the tx was completed as was visible in the explorer. Also timeouts happened. Mostly a page refresh fixes this, but if one for example tries to repeat the operation this obviously leads to errors.
I never observed a really pending tx in the i think 5 of 5 times.

Observed a tx timeout on Optimism again today. Tx was completed regarding the optimism explorer rather fast. So it doesn’t seem to be the timeout on the page, which is quite long, but the tx completion isn’t recognized by the manifold app.
A page refresh recovered the token mint process, though. So the state isn’t lost. Obviously an app issue.

Which app is getting stuck after you confirm the Optimism transaction? Where are timeouts happening? Can you provide a link to a transaction and a screenshot of your console where this is happening?

should have been the 1st of the tx: “register”

I didn’t looked at the browser console, the app displayed an error message about a failed tx, but this was wrong.