Transaction Fail

Hi I’m trying to mint a collection of 4 NFT
on contract ERC 721
The contract deployment went fine.

I’m using Chrome, Metamask, secured T safe,
Internet connection ok.

Mint token fails in place see screenshot.

Since I am using Vault T I didn’t use Goerli Test net and put the mint directly on Mainnet ?!

Transaction confirmation is fine…Gas Fees are deducted :frowning:
(I tried two attempts , each time on a different contract)

Then comes the failure

Tokens now can’t be deleted , a window pops up to check the connection.

Thank you for the info

MInt is running for a real artist so this is really a problem for me.

Before mint these NFTs I did a Test mint on the address without connecting to Trezor T and everything went fine

We have rolled back the previous changes that caused this issue and are continuing to investigate: