Transaction Failed? Minting to Mainnet


I am trying to mint an edition to mainnet but I keep getting an error. I already paid for 2 transactions, then the process froze and gave me this error message. What should I do to fix this and mint the token?
Thank you!

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Can you link to the transactions that failed?

In the meantime, please sign in and out of Studio and then try clearing your local storage:

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Thanks Lyndo

I cleared the local storage on my browser.

The following 2 transactions for the mint were processed.
The third transaction failed and will not display.

When I click on my token, the error message comes up telling me to post to the forum.
How do I complete the mint process? Will the 2 txn fees be recovered?


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Hi Lambo,

When you say the third transaction failed, was there a reason why it failed on etherscan? Do you have the link to the failed transaction that you can send me? Would be amazing as well if you can take a picture of the transactions on your metamask showing it failed.

Thank you,
Don Dang

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dear officer
I have a problem with transaction and I recieved this error.what shoul I do to fix it

I cleared local storage but this but It didn’t work

also get kicked out and have tried this but doesn’t work