Transaction Failed on TWO different tokens - cannot finish the mint or delete them

I have 2 attempts at minting tokens within the past day that have failed. The process gets as far as the metadata completing and then it errors out. This was for editions.

Now it refuses to let me finish either, nor can I delete them.

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Any help with this?? I see others have also had failed edition mints

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Hi thanks for reporting. We’re aware and investigating. See this thread for updates: Issues minting tokens [April 22, 2023] - #2

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I need to cancel both of them. They are part way through the process but it wont let me delete. Are you able to cancel / reverse them both for me?

I cant afford to mint them both!!

We don’t see any transactions pending on your wallet right now.

Right but i cant delete these two… it wont let me

Sorry about that. We’re working on that. You can go ahead and mint one of them, and leave the second alone for now. We’ll try and make it so you can edit the second one for a future token.

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The issue is that I dont seem to be able to change the no. of editions… the 10 edition is too much $$$ to mint right now.

How much is it showing to mint 10? And do you really want to mint 10?