Transaction hanging

I have a claim page that is live. I uploaded a new allow list and saved. It opened the Metamask extension where I approved the transaction. Then the transaction was hanging for several hours. It says pending. It doesn’t appear in ehterscan. I can’t cancel and I can’t make a change. I am stuck. Please tell me what I can do.
The claim page is Memento Mori
Thank you,

If the transaction doesn’t show on etherscan it probably didn’t go through.

Try editing the claim and saving the list again to trigger a new transaction.

I am stuck I can’t do a new transaction because it tells me I have a pending transaction.

If I choose I want to do a new transaction nothing happens

I was able at some point to cancel the transaction, but then it happened again, the transaction is hanging

All in all, I had a very bad experience this weekend. 2 Claim pages, both screwed up when I updated them. After an update with allow list for one of them, none of the new wallets added to the allow list could claim. The other claim page is the one I described above where a hanging transaction made it impossible for me to update the claim page. I ended up airdropping (thank god and Manifold for that option) all the remaining unminted tokens to my account and sell them on opensea. I hope next time I use Manifold it is less buggy. I no longer need these claim page, but hopefully this gives some insight to dev on what might be wrong and needs fixing. Thank you all.

Hi haffka!

So sorry for the issues you were having and the bad experience. We are actively looking into this issue to figure out what went wrong and deploy the proper fixes. Thank you so much for all your feedbacks :pray: