Transfer NFT from Collection (Smart Contract) to another

Hello everyone.

I have a question here from a long time ago. I had searched in the past and until now there are no results, no topic, nothing clearly about it, exception for one link I’ll post bellow.

I minted my collection using Manifold ETH ERC721. My focus is to be seen in Foundation. I like this very much.

The problem is, after some mints I did regret to mint some arts in the same collection. Is there a way to transfer the NFT art from a collection A to a new collection B?

I really need to reorganize but I don’t want to burn all those regret-place-NFTs ones and then to recreate them in a new colelction.

This post was the only place I found with more info about this subject in the entire internet. There is a theory saying it is possible… but no technical way:

Can you please give light on this subject?

All the best,


Hey guys, I just want to be clear that this question is with smartcontracts made using Manifold.