Transferring of a contract

I have created a contract which hold two tokens in it. This was done using my software wallet, i am now going to transfer this to my hardware wallet.
I understand how to do the transfer but would like to know if all the token contract data such as contract name and symbol and all the token info remain intact.
Also as these are multiple edition tokens with some of them already being sold will this effect the holders at all, or do i only have to contact the platforms (OpenSea) to update the contract owner.

Name/Symbol will be intact! It’s up to the platforms to decide how they want to show which wallet is the owner and in the past creators have reached out to specific platforms to resolve this.

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Thanks so much Lyndo, another question. Once I’ve transferred the contract will it show up in my creator studio when i log in with my hardware wallet? Or is there something else i have to do?

Hi Lyndo, i have performed the contract transfer but when i log in and check the tokens that should be with that contract there is only one of them. There should be three.