Trouble airdropping from Claim Page

I just created a new open edition claim page and I’m trying to airdrop some out to collectors. I upload the address CSV fine but when I click “Airdrop” I very briefly get a quick popup window that says “Airdrop Tokens” which then immediately disappears, and nothing has happened. Trying again, deleting the addresses and starting over, etc… all same result and no airdrop. Any help?


Looks like the tx simulation failed but I’m not sure why. I’ve added proper error handling for this page, so it should give you more information now.

Could you give a hard refresh (cmd+shft+r) and try again?

If its not self evident from the error, can you share the addresses you are trying to airdrop here or direct to me? Sometimes it can be issues with an address checksum or attempting to airdrop to a smart contract wallet that has not implemented support for receiving tokens.