Trouble burning token on Etherscan

Hello, I am trying to burn a token. I have followed the instructions to burn on Etherscan that I found on this page: Burning Tokens - Manifold Docs

I followed every step closely. when I got to the last stage, “and click on “Write” to execute the transaction.” , I received the following message on my wallet:

“We were not able to estimate gas. There might be an error in the contract and this transaction may fail.”

What could be happening? mt contract is an ERC-721 by the way.

Please help!!!

Can you send the Opensea link of the token?

thank u for replying!

Got it - One of the first things we typically recommend is checking to see who the owner of the token is. If your wallet isn’t the owner of the token, you will be unable to burn it.

In this case, it looks like you have listed the token for sale and it is owned by Manifold Gallery. If you’re looking to burn the token you can unlist the artwork and then you will be able to burn.

yes, a friend also told me the same, and so I was able to burn after delisting! thank u so much.

Hi there!

I have the same issue with this collection but it’s not listed on Manifold Gallery, what should I do?

Thank you in advance!

gm! Looks like the current owners of this collection is the FND marketplace, in order to burn a token you will need to retain ownership of the token. Did you recently list these tokens for sale on FND?

gm gm!
thank you for answering, not recently but yes they are listed for sale on FND

Got it. You’ll need to take ownership of the token before you can burn it - In this case unlisting it for sale from FND’s marketplace.