Trouble gettting Goerli to deploy contract on Goerli first

For some reason every site you recommend for getting Goerli Test ETH doesn’t have the Goerli ETH update on my wallet so I cannot get past that stage with contract creation…please advise

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Hey Rich, shoot me a dm and I’ll send you some.


:slight_smile: I can flip some over too if needed

Hi. Same issue, is it possible to receive some ETH Goerli in order to develop my first manifold contract? Thankyou in advance. 0x014fEe522a8814997ecD0b2C30B30032E8EBDadd

Gm! Just sent some over!

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Same issue unfortunately when trying to deploy


Happy to sent eth first if someone can send Goerli :green_heart::handshake:

Hey, same issue here - cant recieve GoerliETH from any deposits, and cant seem to mint directly to the mainnet.


Hope you can help

@lyndo thank you very much!
Me and a friend of mine are trying to build manifold contracts for our Super Rare works,
she has the same issue for ETH Goerli but her user has been blocked,
if you can give her a hand and unblock her it would be really a great help for us :pray: .
Then I will explain to her how to interact with the forum.
Sorry for the trouble.
User: nuvolanevicataart

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I was kindly sent some by OxG on discord so I’m all good now thank you :green_heart::handshake:

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I suceeded to get it through grabteeth eventually, so dont mind this :slight_smile:

Thank you for helping each other out! Love to see it.

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I have the same issue, does anyone want to help a brother out?
Can send eth in return.

I’m trying to get Goerli Trying Eth but “failed abuse check” error for 2 days.

Please help frens


Please see this post:

Please see this post:

Me too. Same issue, been trying to get some Goerli ETH all afternoon.

Please send some if you can:


I swapped ETH for Goerli in CB wallet, but cannot send it to MM