Trouble switching from Mainnet to Goerli

I’m currently trying to test out my first smart contract ever and cannot seem to switch from Mainnet to Goerli. I do have .12goerli so that shouldn’t be the issue.

I’m at the Deploy your contract step, selected test network, click Button: Switch Network and…

it switches to goerli network then instantly back to Mainnet w/o any prompts to my wallet to ok as in the video.

What am i doing wrong?


Sorry for the problem you are having. I only see an image and not a video above. Did you connect on studio using metamask or wallet-connect?
Also, Do you mind trying again, but this time, before you try, right click on the screen, hit “inspect”, then click on “console” on the top right to open up the console tab. then copy and paste here the error you see when you trying it please?