Trying to change a mint start date. will not publish

I have a mint and there are 800+ NFTs that have been mints. I need to take the mint off sale and move the new mint date to a 2 weeks from now. Every time i try to do it. I just get a “unknown error”.

I’m using rainbow wallet (I do not have metamask installed).
Wallet: 0xc20E76bdF05e236ebCd637Bcf81e1F20FB3fB341
Mint page: Armor Codex | Manifold

gm - Thanks for reaching out. Would need a bit more information to investigate. Can you provide:

here is a video of the consol and process.

Also a screenshot of the error i’m getting in Rainbow.

Ok got it - Thanks for sending that over. Can you update Rainbow to the latest and see if this issue persists?

I’ve updated to Rainbow 1.5.3

I can’t see any newer extension version on the rainbow site. So i think it’s the most current.

No change in the error.

And now i can’t even mint anything at all…

This is now a very serious issue for me. It’s gone from not being able to update a 721 to not being able tp mint anything.

I really need help on this. I’m about to spend $60k on marketing.

So i installed metamask and everythign works perfectly. It’s very sad that manifold doesn’t support rainbow :frowning: